What is it?
  • Set the fastest time around a course in a field
  • There are different classes based on engine size
  • Compete in heats and timed sessions
  • £
  • human person
  • U18
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Reasons we think you will love it!


Thrash around a field in your car


Plenty of sideways action


You compete against the clock


Share a car with friend


Plenty of track time

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A great way to get into motorsport, Autocross events are usually held in a grass or stubble field on a short course marked out with cones. The aim is to compete against the clock to set the best possible time.

Although you are up against the stop watch, there will also be other cars out on the track with you at the same time, so you will need to navigate your way around them as you seek to light up the timesheets.

The types of car that can be used in Autocross vary wildly from standard road cars (with some safety additions such as a fire extinguisher and mud flaps) through to rally cars and Autocross specials, which are specifically prepared for this type of event.

To cater for the different types of car that enter the event, each event will have a class system based on engine size to keep the competition as fair as possible.

As the driving is spread throughout the day, you can also share the driving duties with a friend as you can be out on track at different times. This can really get the competitive juices flowing, as you will have a direct competitor in the exact same car!

To enter an event you will need to hold a Motorsport UK RS Clubman licence and have the necessary safety equipment such as a helmet and fireproof overalls as a minimum, though it is recommended to also have fireproof gloves and boots too.

To find an event near you, check out the event finder on the Motorsport UK website.

For more information about Autocross, check out the video below:

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