What is it?
  • Navigate a twisty course marked out by cones or pylons
  • Compete against the clock for the quickest time
  • Avoid getting penalties by hitting cones or missing sections
  • £
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  • U18
  • DRv Lic24
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Reasons we think you will love it!


Test your car control skills


It’s just you against the clock


Multiple courses throughout the event


You can use your road car to compete


Share the driving with a friend

get started in 3 easy steps

The Autotest Pathway


When looking to get started in Autotests the best place to start is with an AutoSOLO. This is a simpler version which requires a driver to navigate through pre-defined course, marked by cones or pylons, which features a mix of slalom sections and longer sweeping corners. Unlike an Autotest, the course is only required to be driven in one direction, so there is no reversing required.

Part of the StreetCar initiative, AutoSOLO is solely open to road legal cars which are driven to and from the event. Not only does this keep the costs down, but also makes it one of the most accessible forms of motorsport.

All events take place on a sealed surface such as a closed car park too, so you don’t need to worry about damaging your suspension or bodywork on rough ground. The speed is also kept low as you will only need to use 1st and 2nd gear to navigate the course.

Aside from the car, which must be insured and have a valid MOT, all that is required to enter is to pay the entry fee, hold a Motorsport UK RS Clubman licence and a club membership.

Production Car Autotest

If you fancy more of a challenge, you can also use your road going car to enter a Production Car Autotest. These events can be held on either tarmac or grass surfaces such as flat fields which produce their own unique challenges. Like all autotests, drivers will only need to used 1st and 2nd gear to navigate the course. However, unlike AutoSOLO events, you will need to use reverse gear when attempting some parts of the course. There will also be the possibility of having to complete handbrake turns or J-turns as part of the route.

Also, Production Car Autotests require you to have a passenger in the car. This means that you get to share the experience with a friend. You can also share the driving duties for even more competitive fun.

Over the course of the event, drivers will take on a number of different routes which they will have to memorise. The passenger can, of course, assist the driver with trying to remember the correct route.

The winner is the driver to complete the course in the lowest possible time, however there are penalty points for those who clip the cones, fail to stop on a line or take an incorrect route.

As with an AutoSOLO, all you need to enter an event is a road legal car with MOT and insurance, a Motorsport UK RS Clubman licence and be a member of a club.


Very similar to a Production Car Autotest, a standard Autotest can take place on a tarmac or grass surface and features a complicated route between cones or pylons.

Although it is still possible to use a production car to enter an Autotest, many drivers choose to use a car which has been specially adapted for the purpose. These can range from small sportscars through to home-built creations with fast steering racks and simple gearboxes.

The speeds are still kept low as drivers navigate the course and include both forward and reverse sections, with handbrake turns and J-turns thrown in for good measure.

It is worth mentioning that due to the nature of driving through the course, particularly on tarmac, you will experience higher tyre wear. So, it may be worth bringing and extra set of wheels and tyres if you are planning on driving home from the event.

For more information, check out the video below:

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