What is it?
  • Drive your vehicle as far as you can up a steep uphill course
  • Avoid hitting the marker posts and getting a penalty
  • £
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  • U18
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Reasons we think you will love it!


It’s all about skill


You can use almost any car


Highly challenging


It’s about how far you can go, not how fast you can go


Take a mate as your passenger

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Open to many different types of car including standard production road cars, Trials is an affordable, yet challenging form of motorsport. The only stipulation for the type of car you use is that it has to be 2 wheel drive. Although you can use your daily driver, you can also pick up a cheap hatchback for not much money if you would prefer.

The aim of trials is to progress as far through an off-road uphill course as possible. The course will feature a series of gates marked by pylons which you must pass through along your way, but be careful not to knock them over as this will result in a penalty.

Another element of Trials is that you will need to have a passenger with you in the car. This means that not only can you share the experience with a friend, you can also share the driving if you both want to compete against each other.

Although many cars used in trials are production based, there are also specific trials cars which are built solely for this particular discipline. At each event, there will be different classes competing depending on the car types.

In order to enter your first event, you will need to join your local trials club. You and your passenger will also both need to have a Motorsport UK RS Clubman licence. However, you won’t need to wear helmet or fireproof clothing.

For more information, check out the video below:

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